Laravel 8’s new features

# Laravel Jetstream

Laravel Jetstream provides application scaffolding for Laravel also the perfect starting point for your next project and includes :

  • login
  • registration
  • email verification
  • two-factor authentication
  • session management
  • API support via Laravel Sanctum
  • optional team management

# Models Directory

Before the last update, there was not a separate directory for Models. but by overwhelming community demand, the default Laravel application skeleton now contains an app/Models directory — and I personally enjoy this home for my eloquent models.

# Model Factory Classes

Thanks to Taylor Otwell.

# Migration Squashing

As you build your application, it may contain many migration files, you can now squash them into a single SQL file. This file will be executed first when you run migrations, followed by any remaining migration files that are not part of the squashed schema file. Squashing existing migrations can decrease migration file bloat and possibly improve performance while running tests.

php artisan schema:dump// Dump the current database schema and prune all existing migrations...
php artisan schema:dump --prune

# Job Batching

Laravel’s job batching feature allows you to easily execute a batch of jobs and then perform some action when the batch of jobs has completed executing.

# Dynamic Blade Components

Sometimes you need to render a blade component dynamically at runtime. Laravel 8 provides the <x-dynamic-component/> to render the component:

<x-dynamic-component :component="$componentName" class="mt-4" />



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